Working for developments of the sports in Malta, we are fully recognized or provisional recognized by the following International Federations and organizations:

  • POSA: Pole Sports & Arts World Federation
  • WFNBTA: World Federation National Baton Twirling Association
  • WBTF: World Baton Twirling Federation
  • NBTA Europe: National Baton Twirling Association
  • SUDS: Sport Union Down Syndrome
  • IBSA: International Blind Sports Federation (IOSD and IF of the IPC)
  • INAS: The International Federation For Athletes With Intellectual Impairments (IOSD of the IPC)
  • INAS Europe
  • CPISRA: Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association (IOSD and IF of the IPC)
  • Working relations with IOF: International Orienteering Federation (ARISF and IOC member)
  • WORLDSKATE: World Skate Federation ( ARISF, ASOIF and IOC member)
  • TAFISA: The association for International Sport Association (IOC Member)
  • CSIT: Confédération sportive internationale du travail (IOC Member)
  • WFDF: World Flying Disk Federation (ARISF and IOC Member)
  • MWF: Majorette World Federation
  • IAM: International Association of Majorette
  • IFMS: International Federation of Majorette Sports
  • ISO: International Sport Organization (Member of IAKS)
  • WOF: World O-Sports Federation