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Official Website of Sport for All (Malta)

Working for developments of the sports in Malta, we are fully recognized by the respective International Federations and organizations.
We develop sports and our divisions are:
  • Artistic Sports Organization
    • Dance
    • Pole and Aerial Sports
    • Twirling and Majorette Sports
    • Aesthetic group gymnastics
    • Jump Rope
  • Cynological Sports Organization
    • Cynological Sports
    • Sledge dog
  • Flying Disc Organization
  • E-Sports Organization
  • Orienteering Organization
  • Skate Sports Organization
    • Football Skating
    • Skate sports
  • O-Sports Organization
  • Parkour
  • Pierre De Coubertin Committee Malta
  • Malta Sport For All
    • Other Sports
      • Surf Sports
      • American Football
      • Sky Mountaineering
      • Softair
    • Parasports
    • Sport For All